Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love the skin you're in !!

Besides a flawless skin as a whole, the eyes and the mouth are two treatment sites that one can look at to enhance especially on the occasion of Valentine's Day. The eyes need to be big, bright, free of wrinkles, having smooth arched eyebrows and the mouth should be framed with fuller and more sensual lips and upturned corners giving a happy look.

The eyes can be opened up and the "crows' feet" or the wrinkles around the eyes can be erased with BOTOX, also younger girls can opt for only a brow lift. One can highlight the brow with dermal fillers, the under eye dark and sunken areas can be freshened up with dermal fillers. These are treatments that have no downtime and no side effects.

The mouth can look sensuous with full bodied lips and upturned corners. Both of these can be achieved with hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers. The lips being the focal point,"pouting" them a little makes all the difference to a girl's confidence. With the right technique and experience ,the swelling and bruising may be avoided or kept to a bare minimum and not visible.

The skin of course needs to be blemish free, lightened, tightened,textured and toned and at Blush Clinics our peels,lasers and exclusive range of MediFacials aim at doing exactly this!

So for this VALENTINE'S DAY, gift yourself a flawless & glowing skin with big beautiful fresh looking eyes and a pair of very sexy lips and feel on top of the world! 

Always wishing you Good Skin, Love & Happiness
Dr. Jamuna Pai

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