Dr. Jamuna Pai

A medical graduate from Nair Hospital Mumbai, Dr. Jamuna Pai made the switch to cosmetic medicine in 1994 following her lifelong passion for beauty. After completing her training in the United Kingdom and with acclaimed dermatologists from all over the world, Dr. Pai has perfected her well honed skills and has gone on to become a brand in herself. Being Indias leading cosmetic physician for over 15 years, Dr. Pai has always had the first mover advantage in the skin care industry. She constantly updates her techniques and extensive knowledge of the subject by attending training workshops and seminars. She is credited to have pioneered and introduced various skin treatments and techniques over the years such as Fraxel, Thermage, skin lightening peels and filler injections thus giving her the title of being the Pioneer of Cosmetology in India by many. Dr. Pai introduced Botox to India in the year 2000 and has become the single largest injector in India ever since.

Dr. Pai has single handedly revolutionized peoples view of Botox and dermal fillers as being only anti-ageing solutions by using these wonder drugs beyond their traditional utility. She has perfected the art of using Botox, Juvederm, Restylane and Voluma amongst other injectibles to correct facial asymmetries and define various facial features like the nose, jaw, lips and even the neck. And the fact that these treatments involve almost no pain and negligible downtime is the icing on the cake. Effectively putting into practice the adage of Thinking Globally, Acting Locally, she has reinvented various types of treatments and procedures that are famous the world over to suit Indian skin.
A trend setter in her own right, she has the backing of an international panel from Harley Street, London, Switzerland, Australia and the University of Frankfurt, Germany who frequently  advise her on the advancements in wrinkle removal, laser technology, Botox and filler injections.

When she isn't occupied with her bustling practices in Mumbai and Pune, Dr. Pai who is a staunch supporter of women empowerment, holds workshops and seminars throughout the country to motivate the Indian woman and instill confidence through her mantra 'Perfection through Correction'. Dr. Pai has also been invited to submit papers and give lectures at various national and international forums and conferences. She aides the common man's desire to look their best by providing her invaluable advice through columns in major publications across India. She was commissioned by Femina over a decade ago to be a regular columnist. She has also been the official skin and hair consultant for Femina Miss India, since the inception of their expert panel.

A celebrity in her own right, it is purely her vision and passion for the subject that has enabled her to set up the enormously successful Blush Clinics Pvt. Ltd.. Having earned respect as a gifted doctor with a keen eye for aesthetics and facial harmony, Dr. Pai personally makes sure that all her clients always look their best.
Her desire to offer the latest and most effective skincare and beauty procedures carries her all over the globe, exchanging views and experiences with other authorities in skincare, enabling her to bring back what is best for her clients at home.