Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dr. Jamuna Pai on 'What it takes to be a Beauty Queen'

I have been a part of many expert panels for beauty pageants over the years and though each year the set of girls I train and talk to are very different from each other my advice to them always remains the same. However, compared to even 10 years ago, beauty pageants are a lot tougher and more competitive today. So to win the crown you will definitely need that extra know-how and poise.

Discipline is the first and most important part of any winner’s routine. You must get your lifestyle into a good routine with a healthy diet and exercise plan, adequate sleep and appropriate beauty regime. Complement your diet with nutraceuticals such as evening primrose, anti oxidants, calcium and iron to make sure you look and feel your best. Every pageant normally has its own team of experts who guide and coach the girls. So do make the most of your sessions with the diet and fitness trainers who will put you on a correct and healthy path. Remember that starving is not an option. You must eat right and work out right if you want to truly shine.

Next come the skin and hair. Once again, your sleep, diet and exercise patterns play a very large hand in how your skin and hair will look. But a consultation with an expert will you give that extra edge. Rectify and correct any skin or facial problems or asymmetries. It’s very surprising and heartening to see what medical sciences are capable of doing without much pain, no downtime and reasonable costs.

Make sure that your wardrobe is well looked after too. Dress in styles and colours that flatter you and do not have the opposite effect. It isn’t essential for you to dress in the most recent trends if they do not suit you. It is far better to create your own individual style based on what complements your skin, figure and personality.

Apart from all this, it is essential that your personality match the way you look. Your physical appearances alone will fall flat and are not enough to take you through the pageant and win you the crown. You must be of a sunny disposition, with a kind word and a ready smile at all times. Be gracious to your opponents and always remember that confidence is the key word.

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