Monday, December 24, 2012

Skin Tips for the Festive Season

With Christmas and New Year around the corner it is imperative you look your very best. Here are a few skin tips by Dr. Jamuna Pai that will get you through the festive season looking fresh and re-energized.

a)      Dark circles tend to get aggravated due to late nights and irregular eating habits. Try and sleep 7-8 hours and apply creams that contain vitamin C, kojic acid, tranexamic acid etc.

b)      Do not wax the hair on your face, chest or back especially if you know you are having hormonal imbalance. Whole body bleach if done with care may be a better idea. This will give you the comfort of looking ‘hair-free’ and the skin all over the body will glow and look smoother. 

c)      Get your facials and clean-ups done from reliable and renowned clinics.

d)      A very important aspect of skin care is proper make-up removal. Clogged pores caused by stale make-up can lead to oily skin and occasional break outs. Understandably, late nights may cause you to go to bed without removing your make-up once in a while. But it is extremely important to follow a strict cleansing routine on a regular basis. For the eyes, an oil- based eye make-up remover used on a cotton swab is the most effective and it is a fool proof way to ensure that there isn’t an unsightly residue left over the next morning. For the face, steer clear of using soap and use a cleanser instead.

e)      Limit intake of sweet and fried food as they cause dullness and even breakouts besides gaining that unwanted weight.

f)       Increased alcohol consumption during parties causes dehydration of skin leading to a tired and more aged skin. Make sure you consume at least 2-3 liters of water daily.

g)      If on a diet during this period, make sure you drink lots of vegetable juices to keep the skin nourished.
h)   Never forget to moisturise your skin in the day and use a nourishing night serum/cream at night before going to bed.

i)      Last but not the least, your regular exercise is the only sure way to keep not only your skin glowing, but you in a great shape too.

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