Monday, October 17, 2011

Dr. Pai at the EMAA Congress in Paris

Dr. Jamuna Pai presenting at the EMAA in Paris, 2011

At the recently held European Masters in Anti-Ageing Congress 2011 in Paris, Dr. Pai was invited to speak to a congregation of world renowned dermatologists, aethetic physicians and surgeons. Speaking on the peculiarities of Asia and specifically Indian skin and how they respond to different anti-ageing treatments,

Dr. Pai showcasing her skills at the EMAA in Paris

Dr. Pai was able to share her wealth of experiences that she has accumulated over 18 years in the business. A pioneer in cosmetology and injectibles in India, Dr. Pai's presentation was followed by a hands on demo displaying her gift of taking off years of a person's face with a simple treatment plan.

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