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The Beauty and Her Business

Cosmetic Physician Dr. Jamuna Pai talks her career as cosmetologist, her family and the skills aspiring cosmetologists must acquire to reach where she is today.

Dr. Jamuna Pai is a quallified MBBS doctor from Topiwala National Medical College, Nair Hospital Mumbai. After her degree she studied the use of machines for beautification and enhanced her knowledge of beauty aids.

She believes that enhancing beauty helps in the overall well being of an individual. It enhances their confidence and self worth. Beauty treatments can also lead to better jobs, relationships and well-being.

Her passion for beauty and aesthetics along with her desire to always look good made her create her own brand in the beauty business. She found a way to combine her education as a doctor with her passion for beauty. Since she is a qualified doctor first, people had more faith in her than an ordinary cosmetologist.

She is also gifted with other qualities like a keen aesthetic eye and a great deal of knowledge. “You must constantly update yourself and try to seek perfection in every way. It is of utmost importance to be well groomed. I find myself. Lastly, you must have the ability to instill confidence in others,” shares Pai.

“I received tremendous support from my family, especially my husband and my sons. I was always on the go and hardly had any time to devote to them. They stood by me even then. In fact, it was late husband Dr. Bhasker Pai who conceptualised the whole set-up. My mother-in-law helped a great deal by looking after the kids. Together, they helped me achieve my full potential.”

Those aspiring to entire her field have a great market ready to be tapped. She informs, "They can work in a hospital, open a private practice or be part of a group practice with people qualified in different branches of the same line. The minimum qualification for Cosmetic Physicians is MBBS, DBS or a maxilofacial surgeon

Cosmetology is a great career option for anybody who has love for beauty and aesthetics. It gives you the chance to motivate, encourage and reach out to people on a personal level. You can help people improve their appearance and receive a lot of recognition in return.”

Dr Pai advises, “There is no shame in asking for help or advice from those more experienced than you. Learn how to delegate work properly. Remember that if your climb slowly but surely to the top you are likely to remain there for a long time. The approximate salaries start at around Rs. 30,000. Once you make you way to the top, the sky is the limit.”

She emphasises the importance of perfection. “Your reputation depends on your work. One small mistake can make your clients lose faith in you. It is important that you have tremendous knowledge of what you do.”

Due to the increasing demand for qualified personnel in the field, the need of the hour is training schools. Having foreseen this need, coupled with the amount of people who have approached her to teach, she is planning to launch her own training school for doctors who wish to specialise in beauty.

Speaking about the principles she swears by, Pai says, “I believe in being true to myself, maintaining ethical practices. I have learned over the years that there is no substitute for hard work.”

by Monarose Pereira

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Posted: 3rd Jan 2011

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