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How to look your radiant best on your wedding day

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Nicky: Please guide me for bridal beauty tips

DrJamunaPai: Hello Nicky, The preparation for the wedding day should start from the time the date is finalised. Do not try out any new treatments just before your wedding. Always go to a well experienced Doctor for your treatments. Be regular in using sunscreen twice daily. Go for a cleanup once in 4-6 weeks. Get a body bleach done once in 6 weeks. This along with an oil massage will help in exfoliating the dead cells and also lift off the tan.

Kiran: how good are home remedies when preparing skin and hair for wedding?

DrJamunaPai: Hello Kiran, the home remedies are good in treating certain skin problems but I will again advice you that NEVER try anything new just before your D day. Things like honey with egg yolk, or water in which potato has been sliced and kept for 5 mins are good to get a glow on the skin instantly, but do so if you have enough time in hand to have tried these before. For hair, using egg and henna are going to help as natural conditioners. These are safe to use.

Shefali: what kind of treatments should i go in for at a salon? i have highly oily skin.

DrJamunaPai: Hello Shefali, An oily skin is always prone to acne break outs. So please avoid any kind of Facial in a salon. Never go in for any kind of granulated scrubs also. You can go in for a Cleanup once in 4- 6 weeks. Also a clean up is best done under an anti biotic cover like an Azithromycin 500 which should be started 3 days prior to the cleanup. Take the anti biotic after consulting a doctor.

Priya: Im getting married in March and I have a lot of skin problems like acne and open pores, can you please guide me on how to get rid of this?

DrJamunaPai: Hello Priya, It is a very very good thing that you are beginning your treatment 4 months in advance to your wedding date. First and foremost go and get a skin consultation done from a well experienced skin and beauty consultant. After taking all your details, you will be prescribed medications to bring the acne under control and then you can go in for skin lightening peels to take care of the scars left behind by the acne. Also since your are prone to acne then please do not wax your hair from the chest face and back, as these areas are prone to acne breakout and then that will be another problem to treat.

Nicky: I am getting married next month, my skin peel off a lot .what should i use for skin and even for hair to look good

DrJamunaPai: Hello Nicky, For your hair go in for protein treatments regularly like once in 15 days. At home you can do deep conditioning for your hair by leaving in the conditioner on your hair and wrapping it with hot towel. Since its just a month for your wedding, please DO NOT try any new treatment. It may do more harm than good for your skin. To get the peeling under control, apply an oil free moisturiser daily.

Vandana: ma’am my skin is very dry. plz help me out.i want to whiten my complexion. if i want to contact u where can i contact u.i also want my skin to be absolutely clear. plz suggest some treatment or any ph no where i can contact u .

DrJamunaPai: Hello Vandana, With the winter setting in, your skin can get even more dry as it will be robbed of the moisture levels. Use a moisturiser with lactic acid, or glycerine or Shea butter to keep your skin hydrated. Also take an oil capsule daily to help the skin remain more supple. You can reach me at my Clinic number 02267042425 or even visit my website

Arya: How much earlier than the wedding day should I do a hair straightening so it still shows full effect on the day itself?

DrJamunaPai: Hello Arya, I would say that get the straightening done at least one month prior to the wedding day, as till then the hair would have settled properly and one month is not too long a time for the new grown hair roots to start showing.

Komal: how does one avoid break-outs on and near the wedding day...?

DrJamunaPai: Hello Komal, With the wedding just round the corner, the stress levels tend to be more which in turn leads to increase in the acne break outs. Hence, it is very very essential to keep the stress levels under control by some form of activity, be it an half an hour meditation, or yoga or even listening to music. Basically something to de-stress you. Also getting eight-hour regular sleep is important.

Shruti: Hello Doctor, i have recently developed dark circles and little pigmentation on both the sides of the cheeks, please suggest a remedy, though I’m applying sliced potato and almond oil daily.

DrJamunaPai: Hello Shruti, The pigmentation could be due to an hormone shift in the body, which can lead to melasma which typically shows up on the cheeks. Just the sliced potato and almond will not help in reducing it. What you need it skin lightening agents which have Kojic acid or Vitamin C. These will also help in reducing the dark circles to a certain extent. But do not start using any of these until you have consulted a doctor. Besides using these creams, you can go in for skin lightening peels

Priya: Can you please suggest the kind of make up I should to go for the reception since I have oily skin and acne prone?

DrJamunaPai: Hello Vandana, Go to a professional makeup artist who can use camouflage makeup to cover your acne. Also they will use such products, which give a matte effect for an oily skin, and then the make up doesn’t run off with sweat or oil or even tears.

Bhanumati: hello jamuna, bhanumati (mangalore) here, i am having melasma and undergoing treatment... chemical peels and laser ,the scars are lightened but what is the right treatment and what precautions should i take after the treatment.

DrJamunaPai: Hello Bhanumati, After any kind of laser or skin peel that you do, always make sure that your are using a thick coat sunscreen at least twice in a day. Immediately after the peels, avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Cover your face with a scarf, hat and glares to protect your skin even more.

Diana: Hi Jamuna, For my wedding routine, I have been running regularly to get toned...but I tend to feel tired all the time...and instead of glowing, I feel that I am looking pale...Anything you can suggest to keep the skin healthy in spite of working out?

DrJamunaPai: Hi Diana, Along with a regular exercise programme, a well balanced diet is also very essential. If your diet lacks the right quantity of proteins, carbohydrates and anti-oxidants, then it will reflect on your skin. Take a supplement of Iron and an anti-oxidant daily. Also introduce vegetable juices in your daily diet and all of this will help you to get the glow on your skin.

Hema: the corner of my lips and inner corner of the eyelids are dark,, can you please provide a remedy to lighten them?

DrJamunaPai: Hello Hema, Use can use skin lightening agents which has Vitamin C to lighten the dark areas. But do consult a doctor before you start using any of the medicated creams.

Priya: Does laser treatment actually work for facial hair?

DrJamunaPai: Hello Vandana, Laser hair removal treatment does work for facial hair reduction. But it works only if the hair is thick and coarse. If the hair is fine, then you may not have appreciable results.

Diana: Any particular anti-oxidants and medication you recommend?

DrJamunaPai: Hi Diana, Anti-oxidant available in the market are Cap Selace forte, or Absolute or cap Antoxid. The iron capsules available are cap Dexorange, or Raricap

Shruti: Doctor,As my skin is extremely dry, can u suggest a good sunscreen? i have tried using-GARNIER,RANBAXY CROSSLANDS,UV AVO, but none seems to be suiting. Also what’s the difference between sunscreen and sun block?

DrJamunaPai: Hello Shruti, For dry skin you can mix a small quantity of moisturiser in your sunscreen and then apply so that it doesn’t dry your skin further.

Diana: To Vandana's query, I also have a lot of facial hair, but its all very fine ( So accepting that I cannot get laser done). I bleach regularly since face waxing/threading reacts badly with my skin. Is there any other way to get rid of facial hair?

DrJamunaPai: Yes diana, you can get a bleach done for your facial hair. Never ever wax it as it will always aggravate the acne in that area.

Bhanumati: i wanted to know if chemical peels(finished three sessions) will completely remove the scar and the doctor has prescribed elocon and metasone plus. previously he prescribed kojic cream.but when i read in the net, they say we have to be careful while using it as sometimes it is reversible and it may scar more. please let me know which cream is safe and when should i use it and when i go out for functions what make up can i put on the sunscreen base.

DrJamunaPai: Hello Bhanumati, How much will the scar lighten depends on the kind of pigmentation it is. if it is dermal or superficial. Also it depends on the type of the peel done for you. Any kind of skin lightening cream when used on the face, and not protected from sun exposure, will result in skin darkening further. if you are going out for any function at night, then no need to use a sunscreen based product.

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