Monday, August 16, 2010

Dr. Jamuna Pai at Allergan's Asia-Pacific Advisory Board Meeting in Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Jamuna Pai with fellow Advisory Board Members in Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Jamuna Pai was recently appointed to Allergan's Asia-Pacific Advisory Board which met at Melbourne, Australia to further increase awareness and set new protocols for their wonder drug-cosmetic, Botox and Juvederm dermal fillers.

"I am honored and excited to be a part of such a big institution and i'm sure i will be able to provide valuable inputs to increase awareness about India's potential as a market for medical aesthetics" said Dr. Pai who introduced Botox for the first time to India in the year 2000 through her clinics BLUSH and has been India's single largest injector of the lunchtime wrinkle remover ever since.

Dr. Pai has played an integral role in lifting prejudices that were commonly associated with Botox by having created 'Awareness and Acceptance' in the minds of thousands of Indians from every walk of life through the numerous workshops and seminars she has carried out in various cities throughout the country.

Now into their 11th year of association, Dr. Pai and Allergan are constantly coming up with new strategies to increase awareness of this wonder drug . This has nw led to the inception of the 'Botox Week', a joint initiative between Allergan India and Dr. Pai, held every couple of months at Blush, Dr. Pai's clinics. Botox now has become the most sought after cosmetic treatment accross the world, a status symbol once considered a taboo, all thanks to a few visionaries and entrepreneurs like Dr. Jamuna Pai.

Allergan Advisory Board - AsiaPacific Meeting was held in July 2010 at The Grand Hyatt, Melbourne, Australia

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