Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dr. Pai at Juvederm Voluma Launch

Dr. Jamuna Pai with former Miss World Diana Hayden at the launch of Juvederm Voluma

Allergan, the maker of BOTOX® (Botulininum Toxin Type A) and the Juvéderm™ family of dermal fillers, today announced the availability of its 'next-generation' hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler formulation, Juvéderm™ VOLUMA™ in India. Juvéderm™ VOLUMA™ is an advanced HA formulation that provides facial volume lasting up to 18 months1.

During the launch, Dr. Jamuna Pai, Cosmetologist, BLUSH, said “As the skin ages and loses volume, facial wrinkles and folds form. Juvéderm™ VOLUMA™ offers revolumisation of facial hollows and recontouring of cheeks and cheekbones for a fuller and softer appearance. Juvéderm™ VOLUMA™ can help restore the balance of the face, making a person look younger and in time, feel more confident.”

Dermal fillers are used widely in aesthetic clinics to enhance facial aesthetics by addressing folds and wrinkles that develop as men and women age, predominantly in their mid-thirties and forties. Loss in volume and in the skin’s elasticity and lubrication as one ages also cause the sinking of skin under-the-eyes, the hollowing of cheeks and loss of suppleness of the lips. Dermal fillers administered by physicians specialized in aesthetic medicine target these areas by adding (“filling”) volume.

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